Dojox Diagramming Tool

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Note: server-related features(save, upload a file, upload an image) are not available from the web, as the host doesn't support jsp. Here is a video to show the image upload, save and upload features
This tool might experience some problem with IE 8 beta. It should work for IE 6 and 7. If you notice any problem, please send email to Sharon, with the browser name and version.

Press ctrl+z — undo,     ctrl+y — redo,       ctrl+v — duplicate,      ctrl+mouse click — group selection,      b or B — move to back,       f or F — move to front      delete — delete,       left/right/up/down arrow — pan,     Double click a shape — text annotation,       drag the mouse from one shape to another shape — draw connector.      right click a shape — shape and font editing.     

Serialized output text